The moment you were born your story began…

Along the way, parts of that story may have included deep challenges or wounding, some of which you may not have had control over. We often will organize life around these traumatic experiences and the pain associated with them. At Life Design Centre we focus on what you do have control over: your choices, your perspective, and your ability to transform your life. Whether you are searching for meaning, passion or happiness, we help you identify what compels you towards growth and what motivates you to heal.

Stepping into change is not always easy. It requires courage, determination and the right kind of support. The beginning of personal transformation takes place when you reach out for help, make the commitment to work on yourself, and start to believe that you are your most powerful resource for change. During the process you will feel challenged, empowered, become newly curious about yourself and be inspired towards wholeness. We will encourage and support you fully to create a foundation for living a healthy, joyful and rich life.

Treatment and Services Provided for:

Questions about Life:

· What meaning do you want for your life?

· Are there parts of your life that feel incongruent with who you are?
· Do you struggle with enjoying life and finding pleasure in what you do?
· Do you feel unsafe in the world?
· Have you experienced trauma that has not been resolved?
· Are you fearful of never being enough?
· Do you feel that your full potential is not being achieved?
· Are you managing your stress poorly or coping in maladaptive ways?
· Have you stopped dreaming? Or believing that life can be different?
· Do you want to regain a lost part of yourself?
· Do you want to deepen your spirituality?
· Do you want to strengthen or develop your innate or intuitive gifts?

Skills to learn in Life:

· How to effectively communicate your needs and wants

· Identify and overcome your pain, anxiety, loss, suffering and fears
· Create a more positive and productive environment for growth
· Be successful in your personal and professional life
· Effectively manage the stress of modern life and relationships
· Energize and transform your everyday life
· Free yourself from trauma, depression, anxiety, and compulsivity
· Stop the cycle of negative thinking/self-sabotaging behavior
· Learn how to create internal safety within yourself
· Find compassion and forgiveness for yourself and others

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