Our desire to love and be loved is central to the human experience.

Our longing for connection begins in early attachment patterns as infants and is essential for health and happiness. Longing for love is also a longing for an awakening of the heart and the self. Yet our ego often defends against love because it fears surrender and being hurt.

At Life Design Centre, we invite you to explore your patterns in relationships and help you experience all that is within you—the power of hope, your sexuality and passion, creativity, generosity, and tenderness along with your fears, your dependency, your need for control, and the emptiness you may feel. Love is not for the faint of heart. It requires authenticity and awareness of your deepest fears and pain. We will work with these concepts and explore their origins. A healthy relationship requires an understanding of how to be self differentiated but also create a sense of oneness with a partner. Evolving emotionally to love yourself and experience the love from others- that you deserve- requires courage, faith, and fearlessness. The relationship you want exists but the heart of intimacy begins with you.

Treatment and Services Provided for:

Questions about Love:

· Are you ready and open for the kind of relationship or partner you want?

· Are there issues from your past that are unresolved around love and relationships?
· Are you having trouble expressing the love you feel?
· What kind of partner helps you feel loved?
· How safe do you feel in your relationships?
· How lovingly does conflict get resolved?
· What are your needs around intimate connection?
· Do you confuse sex and love? What are your beliefs and fears about love?
· Are you looking for someone to fill a void that is within you?

Skills to learn in Love:

· How to effectively communicate your needs and wants

· Identify your fears in relationships
· Connect with your partner in deeper and more meaningful ways
· Love yourself with compassion
· Develop equality in your relationship
· Learn to self-reflect, self-regulate and self-confront
· Learn how to fight fairly and disagree
· Learn how to ask for love and support
· How to trust and reality test with a partner
· How to keep growing individually and as a couple

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