Inspired by You

Everyday experiences of beauty happen in big and small ways. Moving towards the sustenance of beauty engages and connects you to wonderment and hope. Although beauty can be ephemeral, it allows you a brief moment of awakening and appreciation for life. Beauty is an opportunity to open to new perceptions and awareness. It brings you into the present moment. Find what is beautiful in your life and experience it. Our very lives depend on our ability to see the beauty in ourselves and others.

At Life Design Centre we’ve created a space for the privileged access and artistic expression of the innermost thoughts and feelings of our clients through our Life Is Beautiful section. Here, take a moment and experience the value of aesthetic expression and their interpretation of the beauty of life. Through their dedication to their therapeutic process, these clients have inspired us with their stories. We hope they inspire you as well.

Love in blue Sexuality in greenish-yellow color
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