Years ago, I came across a poetry book, The Conference of Birds, a twelfth-century allegorical tale about spiritual enlightenment. I found the book amusing with its clever anecdotes and satire, but what was most striking was the great beauty of the written passages. There was a divine philosophy that was just the right kind of kindling for the fire in my heart. It was during a time in my life–which I affectionately call my “Wilderness Experience”–when I needed deep and personal transformation. The idea of having the enthusiasm and motivation to rise on “stepping stones of their dead selves to higher things” was delightful and inspiring to me. Although I didn’t know it then, this concept would become the perennial interest for my therapeutic orientation…

In the book, the birds represent humans that deeply struggle with their path in life. They are seeking the King of Birds–the phoenix–and that is where the psychological power of the story came in for me. The lore of how a phoenix is born, from fire and ashes, and in mythology how it has long been presented as a symbol of rebirth, resurrection, and renewal, greatly resonated with me. The energy which the phoenix embodies–connected, upward, expansive–feels like a symbol for the process of therapy and became the inspiration for Life Design Centre. You can see many of its influences in the design of our logo. At the end of the tale, the birds discover that what they are seeking is nothing other than themselves. This idea is the cornerstone of the work in my practice-—helping people discover their authentic self with purpose, meaning, and beauty.

Our lives are created on both a conscious and unconscious level. There is a real power that comes from being able to identify and speak to what makes your life meaningful. Once you recognize and understand something, it unlocks a new level of perception. In therapy, we learn that the way we see things is not always how they actually are. Once you can name something, you’re conscious of it. Once conscious of it, you begin to see it differently. You have power over it. You own it. You can change it. You are in control.

The concept of design is powerful to me because my brain naturally gravitates towards visual processing. I am highly affected by aesthetic beauty. I believe therapy is amongst the highest forms of art. Our vision allows us to pull in images and project them into our minds.  How we process that image is highly affected by the way our brains recreate it in our minds.  In reality, the concept of design stimulates the mind more than a realistic image would do. Humans are purposeful in how we choose to see our world. That is the reason that our perceptions are often so varied from one another. Design concepts such as balance and isolation continue to inform my therapeutic style. Balance helps me stay centered on the essential topics presented in therapy and isolation allows any gratuitous information to fall away so that I can concentrate on the source of the issues–not the symptoms. I like to direct my attention to what matters. Our minds naturally problem solve perceptually—we are constantly trying to figure out, imagine and make sense of our world. Allowing that process to unfold is important. The concept of designing your life or creating new imagery around it is compelling to me. The moment we seek it, it becomes real. Before you understand why, your mind has already deciphered the changes. That’s why clients will often say, I’m not sure how it happened… one day I just woke up and felt different!

In the end, what I want is for Life Design Centre to communicate principles that help inspire people to find their own power to imagine their next breakthrough in life. A lot of the work I do is helping clients understand what imagination and action can do for them in terms of making meaningful change in their life. We are simply taking you on the journey and helping you have a new experience in your world. The spirit in which I work is creative, inspired, and focused on achieving the extraordinary—whatever that means to you. This is who I am and this is the work I love to do.

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