At the heart of sexuality is something divine.

Our desire for sexual union is primal and a vital part of humanity. Your sexuality is a microcosm of how you live your life. Understanding whether your sexual energy is excessive or deficient is the first step in developing healthy sexuality. Sexual energy that is properly channeled can enhance our lives and be the catalyst for inspiration and loving connection. Sexuality that is ego-driven, performance based or disconnected from reality will ultimately be empty and unfulfilling.

We approach sexuality from a holistic perspective and encourage you to integrate healthy sexual practices and the positive aspects of your sexual edge, allowing sexuality to stay passionate and engaging. Healthy sexuality includes components of authentic communication, erotic plasticity, emotional safety, and the ability to accept love and pleasure. Healthy sexuality is free of secrecy, guilt, fear, shame or carnal confusion. Creating healthy sexuality allows for profound changes for deeper emotional and sexual intimacy for yourself and your partner.

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Questions about Love:

· Do you keep intimacy and sexuality separate?

· Do you keep intimacy and sexuality separate?
· Are your sexual behaviors outside of your sense of integrity?
· Do you have difficulty connecting during sex?
· Are you experiencing sexual dysfunctions that have no organic cause?
· Do you feel sexually inadequate or insecure?
· Are your sexual practices reckless, risky or dangerous?
· Do you feel shame, guilt and fear in your sexual experiences?
· Do you feel that your sexual life and spiritual life are aligned?
· Do you struggle with negative concepts about sexuality?
· Do you and your partner have different sexual styles that cause conflict?

Skills to learn in Love:

· Learn how to develop and appropriately express healthy sexuality

· Develop safety and connection in your sexual relationships
· Learn to moderate your arousal template
· Integrate sexuality and spirituality
· Strengthen your communication to enhance your sexual pleasure
· Understand your fantasies in a meaningful way
· Discuss sexuality without fear, guilt or shame
· Connect your erotic edge with your emotional vulnerability
· Explore deeper and more satisfying climactic sexual experiences
· Sexually attune to your needs and those of your partner

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